Hannah Nicholas

F, #12160, b. 19 Jan 1835, d. 21 Sep 1923
Land-Note GEM-D-60. Harold Andrew Radcliffe this property had a number of tenants or unlisted owners - and was probably re-possessed by Hannah Clarke at some stage - ownership was eventually by Norman Bayles, a solicitor, Hannah Clarke's son-in-law.1,2 
Probate (Will)* Hannah Clarke. Widow. Hobart. 21 Sep 1923. 192/764. In her will dated 23 Sep 1905 Hannah Clarke leaves some of her estate to her daughter Marion Eliza Bayles. The Victorian portion of her probate includes £2350 of mortgages which are not further defined.3 
Married NameClarke.4 
Birth*19 Jan 1835 Jericho, TAS, Australia. [par Henric NICHOLAS & Sarah GATENBY]5 
Marriage*30 Dec 1857 Spouse: Thomas Biggs Clarke. St Peter's Church, Hamilton, TAS, Australia, #M101.4
Widow11 Dec 1878Hannah Nicholas became a widow upon the death of her husband Thomas Biggs Clarke.4 
Land-Note*25 Sep 1899 GEM-D-60: Mortgagee: Hannah Nicholas. Mary Phillis Radcliffe took first out a mortgage from Hannah Clarke, then a further mortgage on 19 Sep 1902 - they were discharged after Mary's death.. Mortgagor was Mary Phillis Balmain.6 
Land-Note*25 May 1903 GEM-D-60: Mortgagee: Hannah Nicholas. Harold Andrew Radcliffe took out a further mortgage from Hannah Clarke - all discharged on 18 Sep 1923. Mortgagor was Harold Andrew Radcliffe.7 
Land-UBeac*abt 1905 GEM-D-60. Transfer from Harold Andrew Radcliffe to Hannah Clarke. It is believed that Hannah Clarke became the owner of this property at some stage.8 
Land-UBeac*a 1905 GEM-D-60. Transfer from Hannah Clarke to Norman Bayles. Mortgage probably transferred to Marion Bayles at some stage - Norman Bayles listed as owner in rate book 1906, 1913.1914.1921.1922.9 
Land-Note*abt 1907 GEM-D-60. Thomas George Cottell 1907-1909 - Ratepayer Thomas George Cottell not listed on title probably a tenant of Hannah Clarke.9 
(Witness) Land-UBeacabt Sep 1910Hannah Clarke had an interest in at GEM-D-60; Owner 1910-1912 - not listed on title, probably tenant of Hannah Clarke.9 
Death*21 Sep 1923 Hobart, TAS, Australia.10 
Death-Notice*22 Sep 1923 CLARKE.—On September 21, 1923, at her residence, Secheron, Battery Point, Hannah, relict of the late T. B. Clarke, of Quorn Hall, Campbell Town, in the 88th year of her age.11 


Thomas Biggs Clarke b. 15 Oct 1832, d. 11 Dec 1878
Child 1.Marion Eliza Clarke b. 20 Apr 1864, d. 15 Sep 1915


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    Close, Beaconsfield farmer     O     1911                    106     N16     arrears     
    Close, UB farmer     O     1912     GEM     Lot 16          106     N16     arrears     
    Bayles          1913                         N10          
              1914                         N10          
    Bayles crossed out: now Rev Eustace Wade, Ridgley College Parkville          1923     GEM     Lot 60          105     N10     paid     also bought Lot 45 from Edward Chase 12.5.1924.
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Marion Eliza Clarke

F, #12161, b. 20 Apr 1864, d. 15 Sep 1915
Father*Thomas Biggs Clarke b. 15 Oct 1832, d. 11 Dec 1878
Mother*Hannah Nicholas b. 19 Jan 1835, d. 21 Sep 1923
Probate (Will)* Marion E Bayles. Married. Toorak. 15 Sep 1915. 140/778.
Has about £11,000 worth of mortgages, not individually listed.1 
Married NameBayles. 
Birth*20 Apr 1864 Campbell Town, TAS, Australia, [par Thomas Biggs CLARKE & Hannah NICHOLAS] father a landowner, residing Quorn Hill.2 
Marriage*18 Feb 1897 Spouse: Norman Bayles. Hobart, TAS, Australia, #M224.3
Death*15 Sep 1915 Armadale, VIC, Australia, #D7414 (Age 51) [par Thos CLARKE & Hannah NICHOLAS].4 
Death-Notice*17 Sep 1915 BAYLES.—On September 15, 1915, at Toorak, Victoria, Marion, wife of Norman Bayles.5 


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Thomas Biggs Clarke

M, #12162, b. 15 Oct 1832, d. 11 Dec 1878
Father*William John Turner Clarke b. 20 Apr 1805, d. 13 Jan 1874
Mother*Eliza Dowling b. 1801, d. 13 Dec 1878
Birth*15 Oct 18321 
Marriage*30 Dec 1857 Spouse: Hannah Nicholas. St Peter's Church, Hamilton, TAS, Australia, #M101.2
Death*11 Dec 1878 Campbell Town, TAS, Australia, #D64 (Age 45.)2 
Death-Notice*27 Dec 1878 CLARKE - On the 11th December, at Quorn Hall, Tasmania, Thomas Biggs Clarke, second son of the late W. J. T. Clarke.3 


Hannah Nicholas b. 19 Jan 1835, d. 21 Sep 1923
Child 1.Marion Eliza Clarke b. 20 Apr 1864, d. 15 Sep 1915


  • 14 Dec 1878: We regret to notice the death of Mrs Eliza Clarke the relict of the late Hon W J T Clarke, and the mother of the Hon W J Clarke the present member for the Southern Provinice. The event which was not unexpected, occurred at the residence of the deceased lady, Clarendon street, East Melbourne. Mr W J Clarke is unfortunate in having to sustain a double bereavement as his brother Mr T B Clarke died in Tasmania on the 11th inst. Eliza Clarke4
  • 24 Dec 1878: Clarke, Thomas Biggs (1832–1878)
    One of the leading sporting men of the colony has passed away during the month, in the person of Mr. Thomas Biggs Clarke, who expired at his residence, Quorn Hull, on the 11th instant, after a protracted illness. Mr. Clarke was the son of one of the earliest Tasmanian colonists, Mr W. J. T. Clarke, formerly of Hobart Town, but more recently of Victoria, where he removed some few years before his death, and where his other sons, the Hon W. J. Clarke, M.L.C., of Sunbury, and Mr Joseph Clarke of Toorak, (late of Norton Mandeville, Tasmania) now reside. The deceased was a native of Tasmania, and was about 45 years of age at the time of his death. His only education was received at Mr. Thompson's School, Hobart Town, where he was a schoolfellow of the hon John Lord, and other well-known Tasmanians; afterwards he went to England to finish, as all the brothers did. He was married to a daughter of Mr. Henrie Nicholas, of Cawood, near Hamilton, and leaves several children, who are well provided for by the elder Mr. Clarke's will, a large sum having been left to each. The deceased has for a number of years resided at Quorn Hall, and has been intimately connected with the sporting events of the colony. The large Park was well stocked with deer, and the Quorn Hall hounds are a household word in Tasmania. He was the owner of a large quantity of blood stock and valuable sheep. The chief circle, however, in which he was known was the racing world, and his four-in-hand was always one of the sights of our great race meetings. He was not only a racer but a breeder of horses, and the imported sire Horror, which recently died, was located at Quorn Hull, where there were also a large number of really valuable brood mares of various very old strains of blood. Fingal, the well known Victorian-bred cross-country horse, and the flat racers Canezou, Yougogo, Sir John Moore, and King Arthur, all of which are now in training, were Mr. Clarke's property. He was well liked in racing circles as an enthusiastic and straight-going sportsman. The body was brought by train to Hobart Town on Saturday, 14th instant, and was interred in the Sandy Bay Cemetery. A large number of his friends in the city followed the remains to the grave. None of the Victorian relatives of the deceased were present, his mother having also died during the week, and her funeral taking place in Melbourne on the same day.5


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