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History of Land & Houses

Many properties in Upper Beaconsfield have interesting histories, and it is through land records, rate books and property titles, as well as newspaper articles on trove that we find out when the land was selected, when a house was built, and the histories of the people who were the owners at one time or another.

Some properties were known by different names over the years, to suit the preferences of the owners. Weekenders were often named the same as the permanent residence of the owners in town.

The properties explored in these pages are listed by crown allotment. For properties that were subdivided, click on the crown allotment, to find the histories of individual lots or houses.

If you have information or photographs of your ancestor's property in Upper Beaconsfield or surrounding areas, I'd love to hear from you, as every detail adds to the fascinating history of Upper Beaconsfield.

The Upper Beaconsfield properties are all either in the Parish of Gembrook or the Parish of Pakenham, County of Mornington. For convenience the Crown Allotments are abbreviated with the first three letters of the parish, followed by the section if there was one, e.g. GEM-C-55.



Some family sections show only the children who were associated with Upper Beaconsfield.

Some individuals may be featured because members of their family were associated with the Upper Beaconsfield area, even though they themselves never lived here.