Index of history articles published in the Village Bell - some are on this website, others will be progressively added to this website.

Jun-2022 Issue 228 - The Goffs of Harpfields

Mar-2022 Issue 227 - Old St John's Church

Dec-2021 Issue 226 - Cormore Tea Rooms and the Funnell Family

Sep-2021 Issue 225 - Roads: A'Beckett Rd, Reed Ave, Armstrong Rd

Jun-2021 Issue 224 - Fred & Annie Sheard (Winning entry in the Community Newspapers Association of Victoria awards)

Mar-2021 Issue 223 - Jessey Sykes

Dec-2020 Issue 222 - A Swimming Pool for Upper Beac?

Sep-2020 Issue 221 - Early history of the Cardinia Park Hotel

Jun-2020 Issue 220 - History of the General Stores 1887-2020

Mar-2020 Issue 219 - William Brisbane - a pioneer of the district

Dec-2019 Issue 218 - Looking out for your neighbour: Jack the Digger

Sep-2019 Issue 217 - Partners in business: Caroline Moon & Harriett Dick

Mar-2019 Issue 215 - History of Amesfield - Dr Drake

Dec-2018 Issue 214 - History of bushfires in Upper Beaconsfield 1893-1983

Sep-2018 Issue 213 - Beaconsfield Reservoir History

Jun-2018 Issue 212 - Camping in Upper Beaconsfield, incl. Nudist Colony

Mar-2018 Issue 211 - Gwenelg on Sutherland Road

Dec-2017 Issue 210 - Arthur Knight - an early selector

Sep-2017 Issue 209 - Cardinia Creek Bridge history

Jun-2017 Issue 208 - A school rediscovered

Mar-2017 Issue 207 - The inebriate retreats

Dec-2016 Issue 206 - Vale Gladys Preston

Sep-2016 Issue 205 - The Jacksons' memories of Ash Wednesday

Mar-2016 Issue 203 - History of McArthur Road

Dec-2015 Issue 202 - Treasures from Trove: Reliable Poultry Farm

Sep-2015 Issue 201 - Rushall Family at Langower

Jun-2015 Issue 200 - 100 year anniversary Gallipoli; Word War I Soldiers remembered; Charles Bertram Berglund - The forgotten army

Mar-2015 Issue 199 - Claud Alfred Harris (by Penny Harris Jennings)

Dec-2014 Issue 198 - Remembering Harold Coulson

Sep-2014 Issue 197 - The Harvey-Smiths

Jun-2014 Issue 196 - Returned Soldier Settlers; Austin Peters; Clive Colles; Colonel Knox; Captain Griffin

Mar-2014 Issue 195 - Tales from the old post office

Sep-2013 Issue 193 - History Snippet: The man who could never win Johannes De Goey; Caleb Wheeler

Jun-2013 Issue 192 - Packing Shed; Tom Brady

Dec-2012 Issue 190 - History Snippet: "A trip to the bush"; Shorthouse family

Sep-2012 Issue 189 - History snippet: Apple Orchards in 1926

Jun-2012 Issue 188 - Soldiers: Not all returned as the men they were

Dec-2011 Issue 186 - Remembering WWII diggers; History snippet: Bushfires

Jun-2011 Issue 184 - Did Grace Somner unduly influence Henry Moss?

Mar-2011 Issue 183 - Charing Cross

Dec-2010 Issue 182 - Holidays in Upper Beaconsfield (Guesthouses ads)

Mar-2010 Issue 179 - Critchley Parker jun (by Charles Wilson)

Dec-2008 Issue 174 - Kincraik; Salisbury House 120th birthday (by Charles Wilson)



Some family sections show only the children who were associated with Upper Beaconsfield.

Some individuals may be featured because members of their family were associated with the Upper Beaconsfield area, even though they themselves never lived here.